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I have always enjoyed antiques and bringing things back to life again. Antique radios are a perfect combination of the two for me. I started working on antique radios in 2016 when I purchased a non-working 1946 RCA 56X5 wood cased table radio and proceeded to swap out the electronics. I powered it up and held my breath. What an awesome feeling when it came to life!

Since then, I have obtained and restored a lot of antique table radios originally manufactured from the late 1930's to the mid 1960's... and sold quite a few of them to satisfied collectors. It would have been nice to have kept them all, but that would not have been a good idea for my marriage! So, I take great pleasure in putting them in the hands of someone else who can enjoy them.

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Airline 94BR-1526A (1949)

Airline 94BR-1526A (1949)

This post war radio is an excellent example of home table radios sold by retailer Montgomery Wards. Manufactured by Belmont Radio, this ivory colored case has been thoroughly cleaned and looks great. The original back is present. The radio has been thoroughly restored with all capacitors and out of tolerance resistors being replaced with modern equivalents. A new power cord has been installed. The radio sounds great and is powerful across the AM dial. $120.00. (1780007)


Federal 1030 (1946)

Federal 1030 (1946)

This is a post-war Federal set that you don't see that often. I wanted to make this set really look special with brown walnut and clear wood grain. You certainly will not find another one like this one. This model 1030 has been fully restored and works well on the AM and SW bands, although you will need a longer wire to get much on the SW band. The radio has been restored with the replacement of all of the filter and paper capacitors and all out of tolerance resistors. The case has been professionally stripped and re-lacquered and the top is as smooth as glass. I also fashioned a back for it as well. A beautiful looking radio. $200.00. (1780012)


RCA 5X (1935)

RCA 5X (1935)

This RCA 5X from 1935 is a beautiful example of the Art Deco styling of the period. The curved sides, rear speaker, and top grille openings make this a truly unique radio. The top of the dial is illuminated when in AM mode, and the bottom of the dial is illuminated when in Police Band. The AM band is strong, however, the Police Band was moved many years ago, so you won't receive anything on that band. The speaker grille cloth has been replaced with a cool looking equivalent and the knobs and dial cover are original. The cabinet has been stripped and professionally refinished and looks fantastic. The electronics have been completely redone with the all of electrolytic and paper capacitors replaced and all of the out of tolerance resistors replaced. The radio is also tuned for best reception on the AM dial. A real gorgeous radio and one that you will enjoy having as part of your collection. 11-3/4"W x 9-1/4"H x 6"D. $299.00. (1780013)


RCA 55X (1941)

RCA 55X (1941)

This gorgeous RCA 55X features twin speakers. It is a strong performer across the AM dial. The case has been stripped and relacquered (three coats) and looks great. I left it with an open pore look to bring out the wood grain. The radio has been completely restored. All capacitors and out of tolerance resistors have have been replaced with modern equivalents. A beautiful RCA radio from the pre-War period. $325.00. (1780005)
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My Restoration Philosophy

My restoration philosophy parallels some advice I was given a few years ago by a fellow restorer.  He told me to only get a radio that you love because you will be spending a lot of time with it.  So, the radios that you will see on my site are ones that I have chosen to work on because I really like them.  Most of them are wood case table radios from the 1930's and 1940's which have been stripped, refinished, and look fantastic.  I use only the best refinishing products from Mohawk. I want all of these antiques radios to look impressive.

All of the radios you will see on my site are in complete working order for your listening pleasure.  Most have received stations from 500-1000 miles from our location during the evenings (obviously this may differ based on your location) and have been bench tested.

I want you to be satisfied with any radio you purchase from me. As a result, I offer a 30-day guarantee on all radios.

I hope that you will enjoy your radio as much as I enjoyed working on it for you.  Certainly, if you have any questions about any of the radios you see here for sale, please let me know.

Packaging, Shipping, and Payment of Your Radio

I take great care in making certain that your radio is packaged in a manner so that you receive it in perfect condition.  Specifically, every radio is wrapped several times in bubble wrap (large size bubbles), taped, and supported in the box with newspaper and/or Styrofoam.  Your radio is then placed in a box marked "Fragile" on every side. It is then inspected and approved by my wife (the expert packer in the house) before it gets sealed up and shipped.  I have yet to have a radio arrive damaged and I try to minimize the chances of that happening.

You can choose USPS, UPS, or FedEx for shipping, just let me know what you would prefer.  I think that insurance is a great idea, although I allow you to make that call. You pay the actual shipping cost; I am very honest on shipping costs and will not gouge you.  I hate when people do that!  You can always ask for an estimated shipping cost before purchasing a radio. If a radio is returned, the purchaser will pay the return shipping cost.

For payment, I prefer PayPal although I will also accept money orders or personal checks. Personal checks will have a 14 day hold before the radio is shipped.

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