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Zenith 6-D-029 "Boomerang" (1946)Sony ICF-9550W (1974)Packard-Bell 35-L (1937-38?)Majestic 15 "Sherwood"  (1932)Zenith C730 AM/FM (1953)Sentinel 238V Book Radio (1931)Zenith Royal 3000-1 Trans-Oceanic (1965)Packard-Bell 501 (1954)Philco 620 (1937)Philco 39-7 (1939)
RCA T-55 (1940)Motorola 51X19W (1941)Crosley CR36Silvertone 6120 (1939)Philco 60 (1934)Setchell-Carlson "Super 8" (1838)General Electric L630 (1941)Crosley 148 "Fiver" (1931)Philco 84B (1934)Philco 40-125 (1940)
Stewart-Warner B51T1 (1948)Airline 62-475 (1938)Philco 53-706 Lamp & Clock Radio (1953)Belmont 6D-111 (1946)Emerson Library Radio (1947)Trav-Ler 5015 (1947)Zenith H-500 Trans-Oceanic (1951)Zenith A600 Trans-Oceanic (1957)Philco 45C "Butterfly" (1934)Jackson-Bell 62 "Sunburst" Cathedral (1930)
Mission Bell 390 (1938)Federal 1040TB "Coca Cola" (1947)Silvertone 1591 "Custom" (1940-41)Vintage Radio Note Cards, Set #2Vintage Radio Note Cards, Set #3Crosley E-15TM "Buick Front" (1953)Airline 25GSL-1814A (1952)Grunow 502A (1937)Crosley 10-138Philco G-681 (1959)
Learadio 561 (1945)International "Kadette" (1932)Zenith 6-D-628 (1942)Westinghouse H-126 "Little Jewel" (1945)Zenith Royal 3000-1 Trans-Oceanic (1963)
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