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Radios for sale at the Radio Attic are offered for sale by independent advertisers and not by the Webmaster.  Think of Radio Attic as the first online Antique Radio Mall; each Attic page is the "property" of a different advertiser who pays a fee to the Webmaster for hosting the ad with its photo on this web site.

To buy or inquire about a radio, go to the top of the Attic page on which the radio's photo is published.  There you will see a hyperlink with the seller's name and in some cases a telephone number or a snail-mail address.  Clicking on the seller's name will, if your e-mail client is set up to do so, open an e-mail message to the seller's e-mail address.  If this does not work for your particular browser, hover over the e-mail link and you will see the seller's e-mail address (or e-mail me and I'll put you in touch with the seller).  Please discuss the radio in detail with the seller to be sure you are fully aware of the condition of the radio and of the seller's terms. 

Remember that terms like "restored," "fully restored," and "repaired" can have different meanings to different sellers.  Be sure you ask questions about any radio's cosmetic and operating condition BEFORE you buy it.  Read the seller's terms and restoration philosophy, it stated.  No one here is trying to "trick" or deceive prospective buyers, but you need to be informed about the radio you purchase.  Since I allow only a limited amount of text in an ad, it's the buyer's responsibility to ask specific questions so there is no disappointment after the purchase.

How do you pay?  Some of Radio Attic's advertisers use PayPal; others accept money orders, checks, or some other form(s) of payment, but each one has different requirements.  Once you agree on a purchase, you and the seller must agree on a method of payment.

The Radio Attic is not a store and has no inventory (if I had all these radios, I'd keep them for myself!); I do not publish a catalog nor do I in any way try to influence a seller regarding any radio's price.  I don't sell parts or books, either.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions about the web site.  Thanks for visiting Radio Attic!

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Radios for sale at the Radio Attic are offered by independent advertisers and not by the Webmaster.
Sellers are identified at the top of each page.  You must directly contact the seller to purchase a radio.

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