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Zenith Royal 50TR-180Hitachi TH-848Omegas 8 DeLuxeGeneral Electric P-885BSony 3F-70WJewel TS-10Hilton Boy's RadioBulova 830Matsushita T-13 (by Panasonic)
Petite NTR-120Sanyo 8S-P2Transette TRN-346BSceptre STR-217 Boy's RadioSummitone FR604Relax 6TP-315Magnavox AM-80Magnavox AM-80Zenith Royal 50Republic RP80
Trav-Ler TR-280-BBulova 672Lafayette FS-91Sony 2R-26Herald P-156 Miniature TubeEmerson 999 ChampionStantex Quali-Tone W-56Hitachi KH-835H (1976)Realtone 1088 CometRealistic 12-170 "Waikiki"
Hinode T-22RCA Victor 9-BT-9HTrancel TR-50Transette 10-109Sony ICR-120Zenith Royal 74 DeLuxeGeneral Electric P-738Victoria DeLuxeKobe Kogyo KT-75Valiant Boy's Radio
Sony TR-826Royal Transistor 6Crestline 8T-310Benida Transistor SixCapehart T6-203 (Incomparable Capehart)General Electric P-721BGeneral Electric P-725AHirsch All AmericanZenith Royal 500EWindsor 15066 Boy's Radio
Zenith Royal 185Magnavox 2-AM-70Panasonic RF-1006MDDelmonico 6Coronado 43-9914Otake AM-23Hitachi TH-862RFour Star CapriRainbow 6 TransistorCandle 6ATR-80A
Hitachi TH-627RNobility 8 HiFiPeerless 625Rivera RV62General Electric P1730BGeneral Electric P-745AMonacor RE-612Sony TFM-850WRCA Victor 8-BT-8FEZenith Royal 400
General Electric Eight-TransistorPackard-Bell ShirtpocketMotorola 6X28PZenith Royal 50LStandard Micronic Ruby SR-Q460FPhilco T70-124Hinode T-801s Boy's RadioToshiba 6TP-394Hitachi TH-660Zenith Royal 250
Channel Master 6503General Electric 675General Electric P-831EGemini Solid State 14Seminole 900Westinghouse H798P7Sony TR-725Motorola 45P3 "Pixie"Marvel 6YR-05Jason 6YR-05
Marvel 6YR-15AMarvel 6YR-15ABulova 620Packard-Bell 6RT2RCA Victor 8-BT-9EToshiba 6TP-219Admiral Y2013Silvertone 1201Encore TFN-1003Musicaire OLT-6
General Electric P780Westinghouse H-903P8GPSony TR-725Panasonic R-1147Panasonic R-1052Philmore TR-101General Electric P716BContinental TR-683Silvertone 9205Silvertone 8206
Zenith Royal 790Motorola 6TViscount V.I.P. 802Zenith Royal 97Sony TFM-1000WRCA RGM-19ECandle AM/FMWestinghouse H-901P7GPZenith Royal 16Top-Flight Boy's Radio
Hitachi KH-915Zenith Royal 40Hitachi WH-822HJewel T.S.-10Perdio PC-16Zenith Royal 3000-1Airline GTM-1200AWestinghouse H698P7Channel Master 6503Tonecrest TS-10
General Electric P-806AChannel Master 6502Candle ATR-80ARCA Victor T-1JEGM Sportsman Transistor 6Juliette APB-11HTrancel TR-81Marvel 6YR-02Transette TRN-60AYokotsu YRM-6
NEC NTF-901Zenith Royal 810Silvertone 1205Candle PTR-81BChannel Master 6503Magnavox 2-AM-60Magnavox 2-AM-80Sony TR-620Zenith Royal 59Emerson 849
Firestone 4-C-40Zenith Royal 500ERealtone TR-1820Bulova 270Motorola 7X25PSony TR-620Igetric XRT-102 (Toshiba)Sony TR-830RCA Victor 9-BT-9EEpic EP61
J.C. Penney 1140Toshiba 7TP-352MPlay Boy DeLuxeMitsubishi 7X-505Norelco L1X75T/54 by Philips (1958)Grundig 201 "Solo Boy" with SpeakerZenith Royal 51Philco T500-124Philco T66-126J.C. Penney 6TP-243
Hallicrafters 4RT3Crown TR-610Bulova 820-XGeneral Electric P-826AContinental TR-632Aiwa AR-752General Electric P-825AInternational 6 TransistorKent GermaniumSony TR-1811
Hitachi TH-627RStandard SR-F211Commodore 862Hitachi TH-627RGrundig Mini-Boy Transistor 200Champion Deluxe Boy's RadioCandle PTR-85CAirline GEN-1242ASony TR-650Mellow Tone NR-23
General Electric P2751B "Super Star"Admiral Y713RZenith Royal 500HMotorola XP40ERPanasonic T-59Motorola X11BMotorola 6X39A2 "Weatherman"Emerson 999 ChampionBrowni YTR-603Bell Futura
General Electric P975FRCA Victor 1-TP-2EWindsor Two-Transistor Boy's RadioPersonna 5T-210Toshiba 6TP-309AEmerson 888 ExplorerZenith Royal 20Realtone TR-801Silvertone 700Lamie TR-263 Boy's Radio
Regency TR-1GConstant 8T2-800Truetone Junior DC3202Sony TR-84Bulova 690Standard Micronic Ruby SR-H437Zephyr ZR-620Arvin 61R13,23Candle PTR-81BJason 8-Transistor
Motorola X25EElectrovox BXL-729RCA Victor 8-BT-9JFour Star NR-23 Boy's RadioTrav-Ler TR-601Zenith Royal 16Bulova 660Sony TR-610Emerson 888 ExplorerHitachi TH-666
Seminole 801Audition 1069Aiwa AR-862Hitachi WH-781Windsor 6T-220Jupiter 6T-210Linmark T-66Airline GEN-1218AEmerson 888 VanguardEmerson 869 "Miracle Wand" Portable
General Electric P1700AZenith Royal 300Zenith Royal 675Realtone TR-1948RCA Victor B-411 PortableZenith Royal 500 (Hand Wired)Sky Lark Transistor 6Jefferson Travis JT-H105SHitachi WH-859DSilvertone 1209
El Dorado 6P-11 by ToshibaMotorola X11RSilvertone 4201National Panasonic TMR-5Emerson 888Zenith Royal 500Vista Transistor SixMotorola X11GMotorola X11R
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