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Motorola 56CS (1955)Jewel 910 (1949)Stromberg-Carlson 1500-H (1946)Philco 48-200 (1948)RCA 15X (1940)Silvertone 2015 (1956)Zenith G730 (1960)RCA 9X641 (1949)Clarion 11801 (1947)Philco 53-566 (1953)
Zenith H615 (1951)Philco 48-200 (1948)Zenith A516L (1958)Philco 48-460 (1948)Philco PT-30 (1940)Zenith 6-D-510 (1941)Motorola 5C14PW (1959)Zenith B515B (1959)Philco 53-559 (1953)RCA XF-2 (1959)
Tele-Tone 109 (1946)Zenith B515B (1959)Admiral 268 (1957)Philco PT-30 (1940)General Electric 135 (1950)Clarion 100 (1946)Delco R-1231 (1946)Delco R1172 (1941)Motorola 57X2 (1956)Motorola 50X2 (1961)
Philco H830 (1959)Westinghouse H202 (1948)Motorola A15 (1961)Arvin 31R26 (1962)Philco 48-200 (1948)Philco 48-200 (1948)Delco R1230 (1960)Sentinel 1U353 (1954)Philco 48-460 (1948)Philco 52-548 (1952)
Farnsworth ET061 (1946)RCA 66X1 (1946)Bulova 100 (1957)Airline 84BR-1507 (1949)Philco 54C (late) (1935)Admiral 7T10 (1947)Sentinel 293-T (1946)Olympic 408 (1955)Zenith G516 Clock Radio (1960)Stromberg-Carlson 1500-H (1946)
Zenith 6-D-015 (1946)Levin_Westinghouse_H744T4_(1959)Zenith T825 (1955)Coronado RA508189A (1959)Motorola CX27W Clock Radio (1964)Zenith 6-D-510 (1941)Zenith 6-D-510 (1941)Stewart-Warner 206FA (1941)Zenith F615 (1962)Crosley 56TV (1949)
Coronado 43-8180 (1946)Arvin 958-T Clock Radio (1956)Philco 52-541 (1952)General Electric Clock Radio (1959)FADA 148 (1941)Philco 52-942 (1952)RCA 6-RF-9 "The Livingston" (1954)Silvertone 4206 (1962)Motorola 5J2U (1950)Zenith C724G (1959)
Motorola 51C Clock Radio (1954)RCA RVA 701Y "Snowflake" Vibra (1972)Panasonic RE-6231 AM/FM (1970)Jewel 920 Clock Radio (1959)Motorola A15J (1961)General Electric 546 Clock Radio (1952)Philco 46-350 (1946)Admiral 5X12N (1951)Motorola 5J2U (1950)Emerson 695 Clock Radio (1952)
Crosley 10-138 (1950)Zenith F615 (1962)RCA 8X522 (1948)Zenith C624W Clock Radio (1959)RCA RGS19T Clock Radio (1965)RCA 66X1 (1946)General Electric 50 Clock Radio (1947)Crosley 52TD (1941)RCA 1X591 (1952)Zenith C724 (1959)
Emerson 507 (1946)Philco 46-250 Transitone (1946)Aldens 707 (by Regal - 1953)Silvertone 9005 (1950)General Electric 400 (1950)Motorola A7N 23 (1960)Motorola 56H (1956)Emerson 511 (1947)RCA 3X532 (1954)FADA 605 (1947)
Zenith XD50G "Consoltone" (1961)Zenith C724 (1959)Sentinel 248 (1941)Zenith G730 (1961)General Electric 356 (1948)Trav-Ler A502 (1938)Magnavox 2FM42 (1964)Motorola 65X11A (1946)General Electric 202 (1948)Emerson 543 (1947)
RCA 4RA15 (1963)Silvertone 2015 (1956)Philco 59S (1935)Philco 48-200 (1948)Zenith C725 (1961)Philco 49-500 (1949)RCA 66X1 (1946)Westinghouse Radio (1948)Westinghouse WR103-605 (1937)Philco 50-925 (1950)
Emerson 439 (1942)Zenith 6D520W (1941)Crosley CR-37 "Bluebird" Replica (2010)RCA 6XF9 (1954)Zenith 7H822 (1948)RCA 6XF9 (1954)Philco PT-25 (1939)Emerson BF207 (1939)Emerson 640 (1950)RCA 6-XF-9J (1954)
Philco B956 (1953)General Electric 425 (1954)Westinghouse H-398T5 (1954)Detrola 571 (1946)RCA 66X1 (1946)Zenith 7H822 (1948)Stewart-Warner 9186A (1954)Crosley E10CE (1953)Crosley E75RD (1953)Zenith H615 (1951)
Philco 38-12CB (1938)Silvertone 7134 (1942)Bendix 526E (1946)Westinghouse RLF1030A (1960)Philco 48-250 Transitone (1948)Philco 48-200 (1948)Motorola A15J (1961)Philco 49-500 (1949)Zenith 6-D-525 "Toaster" (1941)Silvertone 6052 (1946)
Admiral 5R12N (1948)Zenith G730 (1961)General Electric C-2560H (1963)RCA 66X1 (1947)
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