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Crosley 10-135 Coloradio "Dashboard" (1950)Crosley D-25CE "Dashboard" (1953)Emerson 587A (1949)Zenith 6-D-315 "Wavemagnet" (1940)RCA Victor 6-X-8 "Wilshire" (1955)RCA 1AX "Nipper" (1940)Emerson 588A "Eames" (1948)Philips 834C Cathedral (1933)Belmont 638 "Rabbit" (1941)RCA 115 "Skyscraper" (1933)
Emerson DR-352 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1941)Goodyear "Model Unknown" (1939)Stewart-Warner 07-512-S "Campus" (1939)Belmont 526 "Freshman" (1938)Arvin 2581 (1958)Philco D-595-124 (1956)Silvertone 7008 Beetle "Candycane" (AKA "Commentator," 1941)Philco PT-46 "Transitone" (1940)Motorola 57R4 (1957)Emerson 578A "Eames" (1946)
Philco PT-61 "Pagoda" AKA "Jewel Case" (1940)Emerson CL-256 "Stradivarius" w/Ingraham Cabinet (1939)Colonial 700 "New World Globe" (1933)Motorola 56H "Turbine" (1957)RCA Victor X-551 (1951)Climax "Diamond" (1937)Motorola 56R (1953)Motorola 53H "Dashboard" (1953)Garod 5A-2 "Commodore" (1946)Addison A2 "Waterfall" (1940)
Truetone 276-5Q Beetle "Stratoscope" (1939)General Television & Radio 5A5 (1946)
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