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Zenith 5-R-327 (1939)Howard 250 (1938)Zenith 5-S-218 "Cube" (1938)Zenith 9-S-30 Tombstone (1936)Emerson DX-356 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1941)International Kadette 66 (1936)Zenith 10-S-130 Tombstone (1937)RCA 5T Tombstone (1936)Atwater Kent 84 Cathedral (1932)Zenith 6-S-229 Tombstone (1936)
Tele-Tone Model Unknown (1935)Zenith 807 Tombstone (1935)Stromberg-Carlson 130U (1936)Stromberg-Carlson 125-H (1936)Pilot U225 (1936)Detrola 106 (1936)Aetna 653 (1936)Zenith 9-S-232 "Walton" Tombstone (1938)General Electric K-80 Tombstone (1934)RCA 5T Tombstone (1936)
Atwater Kent 627 Cathedral (1933)Skylark 3-B-4 Tombstone (1936)RCA 140 Tombstone (1934)Zenith 715 Tombstone (1934)RCA T8-14 Tombstone (1937)Stewart-Warner 91-51 "Spade" w/Ingraham Cabinet (1940)Pla-Pal 6528 (1932)Silvertone 4465 Tombstone (1937)Grunow 750 "the Commander" Tombstone (1934)Zenith 8-S-129 (1937)
Atwater Kent 84 Cathedral (1932)Sparton 537 (1937)Jackson-Bell 45 "Peter Pan" (1933)Zenith 4-B-317 "WorldPhilco 70 Cathedral (1933)Philco 38-2670 Tombstone (1938)Zenith 5-S-126 "Cube" (1936)Atwater Kent 82 Cathedral (1933)Stromberg-Carlson 1110H (1947)Lyric SA-65 Cathedral (1931)
Simplex G Tombstone (1937)Silvertone 4763 (1936)RCA 7T Tombstone (1937)Zenith 288 Tombstone (1934)Climax UE-54 (1936)Detrola 148EA (1936)Crosley 59 "Showboy" (1931)Trav-Ler 701 (1935) TombstoneCrosley 179 "Dual Four" Tombstone (1934)Simplex NT-10 Deluxe Tombstone (1937)
Atwater Kent 80 Cathedral (1932)Zenith 715 Tombstone (1934)Truetone D-1006 (1937)Brunswick 12 Tombstone (1932)Atwater Kent 206 Tombstone (1934)Zenith 807 Tombstone (1935)Stewart-Warner R-1261 "the York" Tombstone (1933)Atwater Kent 82 Cathedral (1933)Stewart-Warner R-1262A "The Stuart" Tombstone (1936)Grunow 700 Tombstone (1933)
Emerson AM-169 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1937)Airline 62-346 (1939)Silvertone 4465 Tombstone (1937)Zenith 811 Tombstone (1935)American Bosch 585Y Tombstone (1936)Westinghouse WR-22 tombstone (1934)Truetone D-727 from Western Auto (1938)General Electric K-53M (1933)Silvertone 1807A Tombstone (1935)Zenith 5-S-218 "Cube" (1938)
Mission Bell 53 (1935)Firestone S-7403-4 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1939)
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