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Radios sold at the Radio Attic in 2023

Here are the 292 radios sold in 2023 at the Radio Attic!

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Emerson 520 (1946)Heathkit GR-81 Short Wave Receiver (1961)Panasonic R-1492General Television 5A5 (1946)Air Castle T-618 (1942)Trav-Ler 5002 (1946)Detrola 3042 (1939)Stromberg-Carlson 125-H (1936)Stewart-Warner R-1881 (1938)Truetone D-723 "Truetone Tulip" (1937)
Melody Cruiser Ship Radio (1946)Motorola 51A "Drive-In Speaker" (1939)Crosley D-10RD "Dynamic Bullseye" (1951)Channel Master 6515 (1965)Channel Master 6514 (1959)Detrola 3302 (1937)General Electric H-500 "Turbine" (1939)TSM AR50 "Bluebird" (1999)Silvertone 1660 (1933)Truetone D-2015 (1939)
Zenith 5D611 (1942)Zenith H845 (1964)Emerson 400 "Aristocrat" (1940)Detrola 148 (1937)Zenith 5-S-127 (1937)RCA 1AX (1940)Soundesign 1150C (1960s)Zenith 8G005Y Trans-Oceanic (1946-47)Emerson CH-256 "Stradivarius" (1939)Jackson-Bell 99 (1932)
Channel Master 6509 (1960)Zenith Royal 500H  (1964)Emerson L-141 "Cube" (1937)Zenith A600 Trans-Oceanic (1958)Emerson BU-229 (1938)Crosley CR-52Zenith 6-S-330 (1939)Philco 48-214General Electric L-641 (1941)Philco 625B (1936)
Emerson AR-171 (1935)Sparton 628 (1938)Emerson A-148 (1937)Zenith Royal 500Philco 38-7CS (1938)Silvertone 6230 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1939)Zenith Deluxe Royal 500 (1961)Zenith Royal 3000-1 Trans-Oceanic (1965)Detrola 106 (1936)Airline 15GSE-1595 (1952)
Sparton 57K (1937)Atwater Kent 447 Tombstone (1933)Silvertone 2016 (1955)Zenith 5-S-327 "Racetrack" (1939)Emerson 642A (1950)Philco 38-93 (1937-38)Federal 1030 (1946)Hallicrafters S-120 (1961)Stromberg-Carlson 500S (1940)Crosley 66TC (1945/1946)
Lyric S50 by Wurlitzer (1932)Pilot 173 (1939)General Electric E-50 (1937)Zenith 6-D-525 "Toaster" (1941)Zenith 5-S-319 "Racetrack" (1939)Zenith Royal 7000-1 Trans-Oceanic (1971)General Electric CL-541 (1946-47)Emerson 559A (1948)Zenith 6-D-525 (1941)Zenith 5-R-317 "World
Emerson A130 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1936)Zenith 5-S-319 "Racetrack" (1939)Motorola 61XW (1940)Zenith G500 Trans-Oceanic (1949)Stromberg-Carlson 228H (1938)RCA 3RH34Atwater Kent 206 (1934)Arvin 840-T (1954)Fairbanks-Morse 8-AT8 (1938)Westinghouse WR-22 (1934)
Emerson DR1-343 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1940)Emerson AU213 (1939)Zenith 7-S-363 (1939)Brunswick 5KR (1928)Corona 210 "Fidelitone" (1937)Zenith 6-S-223 (1938)Atwater Kent 708 (1933)Zenith 5-R-312 (1939)Air Castle 106B "Bullet" (1946)Stewart-Warner Chassis SR-600 (1948)
Hallicrafters SX-62 (1948)Zenith 6-D-525 "Toaster" (1941)Trav-Ler 5002 (1946)Zenith 7-S-363 (1938)Philco 44-504-144 (1937)Philco 45 "Butterfly" (1934)Corona 210 (Fidelatone) (1937?)Zenith 4K402 (1939)Zenith Deluxe Royal 500 (1961)Detrola 139E (1937)
Zenith 6-S-222 (1936)Kadette "Autime" (1938)Arvin 441-T "Hopalong Cassidy" (1950)Parmak 734 "Masterpiece" Tombstone (1937)Ambassador 6 TransistorSilver-Marshall 846 Tombstone (1935)Philco T9-126 "Transworld" (1958-1262)Zenith Royal D7000Y Trans-Oceanic (1976)Motorola 82A (1939)Zenith 5-S-218 (1937)
Monarch 5237 (1935)Philco 48-206 (1948)Philco B650 (1954)RCA 6BX (1955)Sentinel 332W (1949)RCA 9T (1939)Hallicrafters S-38E (1965)Firestone R-3051A "Air Chief" (1939)Trav-Ler 415 (1938)Goodyear 1015051 "Wings" (1938)
Motorola 6-T (1938)Emerson 107 "Duotone" w/Ingraham Cabinet (1936)Howard 307-4 (1940)Alinco DJ-VX50 VHF/UHF Transceiver (NIB)Emerson 888 "Atlas" (1957/60)RCA 1T4E (1958)Philco 676 "Mustang" PortableGeneral Electric J55 (1942)Detrola 148CP (1939)Midwest 11-36 (1936)
Brewster 9-1084 (1946)General Electric 511 "Bullseye" (1950)Silvertone 6320 (1940)Zenith 7-D-216 "Cube" (1938)Crosley 56TU (1946)Magnavox AM-2Miny Reel-To-Reel Tape RecorderZenith 8-S-129 (1938)Zenith Royal 3000-1 Trans-Oceanic (1965) Zenith Royal D7000Y Trans-Oceanic (1976)
RCA Phono (1950s)Admiral 531Marvel 6 YR-10ASilvertone 6421 (1939)Toshiba 8TM294RCA 1-TP-2J (1960)Emerson 169 w/Ingraham Cabinet (1937)Philco 48-475 (1948)DeWald A-502 (1946)Wilcox-Gay A-29 (1936)
Majestic 161 (1933)Stewart-Warner R-1261 "York" (1934)Sony ICF-SW20 (1989)Hitachi TH-848Hitachi 666 (1958)Panasonic T-53RCA 4RC84 Spice Rack Radio (1959-60Majestic 330 (1933)Climax 34 (1934)Gilfillan 58W (1948)
Philco 51-532 (1951)Sony 9650W (early 1960s)Westinghouse WE-103 (1937)Zenith Royal 500H (1961)Zenith Royal 500D (1959)Zenith Royal 500H (1961)Setchell-Carlson 570 (1948)RadioChron B with Clock (1932)RCA T-9-10 (1938)Universal 424 Mini-Cathedral (1933)
Zenith H500 Trans-Oceanic (1951)Zenith C725L (1963 or 64)Atwater Kent 856 (1935)Airline 57C119 (late 40s, early 50s)Majestic 30 (or 31) (1930)Zenith 6-D-510 (1940)RCA 94X (1938)Grebe M1-2 (1932)Zenith Royal 275Y (1959/1960)Channel Master 6516 (1959/1960)
Zenith 6-S-27 (1936)Zenith Royal 7000-1 Trans-Oceanic (1971)Emerson 888 "Pioneer" (1957/60)Emerson 888 "Vanguard" (1957/60)RCA Radio (Late 40s, early 50s)Kadette H "Gothic" (1931)Zenith 6-D-614 Consol-Tone (1942)Crosley 58TW (1948)Admiral 5E23 (1950)General Electric 115 (1948)
Philco 48-460 (1948)Coronado 636 (1940)Motorola 6X32E (1957)Sony TR-725Zenith 5-S-228 (1938)General Electric K-52 (1933)Emerson 511 Beetle "Moderne" (1947)Emerson 540A "Emersonette" (1947)Toshiba 7TH425 Wall Radio (1961?)Detrola 571 (1946)
Lyric S-6 (1932)Zenith Royal 500D "Long Distance (Owl Eye)" (1958)Nobility RadioZenith Royal 2000 Trans-Symphony (1960)Zenith Royal 2000 Trans-Symphony (1961)Silvertone 4463 (4563 chassis) (1937)Zenith H500 Trans-Oceanic (1951)Truetone D-723 "Tulip" (1937)Stewart-Warner B51T2 "AirPal" (1948)Radio King (Unknown Model)
Mantola R-654-PM (1946)Zenith 15-U-272 (1937)Zenith C730 (1959)Silvertone 4565 (1936)Zenith 6-S-249 (1938)General Electric S22 Tombstone (1931)Garod (Grebe) 1450 (1940)Pilot G-184 (1939)Zenith 9-S-232 "Walton" (1939)Philco 42-350 (1942)
Admiral Radio (1939)Emerson 179 (1940)Zenith 6-D-525 "Toaster" (1941)Toshiba 6TP31Philco L797 (1962)FADA 358 "Flash-O-Matic" (1938)Zenith C845Zenith 6-D-029 "Boomerang" (1946)Western Air Patrol 76 (1935)Zenith 5-S-127 (1937)
Echophone S-3 (1930)Setchell-Carlson 427 "Frog Eyes" (1946)Bendix 111 (1949)Silvertone 6022 (1965)Silvertone 4764 "Cube" (1937)Zenith Royal 3000-1 Trans-Oceanic (1965)Sony ICF-9550W (1974)RCA 128 Tombstone (1935)General Electric 10T1 "Locomotive" (1949)Detrola 3271 (1941)
Motorola 56-H "Torpedo" (1956)Bulova 670Zenith M-403 Portable with Case (1953)Sentinel 314W (1947)Philco 42-PT91 (1942)Western Air Patrol 38 (1936)Zenith Royal 675G (1962)Silvertone 4567 (1937)Stewart-Warner R-1252A "Berkley" (1934)Grebe HS-4 (1931)
Zenith K731 (1963)Zenith 7-S-53 (1936)Packard-Bell 35-L (1937-38?)Admiral 4201-B6 (1941)Coronado 43-8180 (1946)RCA 15X (1940)Zenith 5-D-027 (1946)Emerson A132 (1936)Aetna 253-CL "Cube" (1934)Sparton 57K (1937)
Arvin 602 (1939)Climax AC-65 (1937)Goldentone 3-X (1936)Zenith 5-S-29 (1936)FADA 360G (1938)Zenith Royal 500A (1956)Hallicrafters TW1000 "Worldwide" (1953)Zenith Royal D7000Y Trans-Oceanic (1978)Panasonic R-1159Wren All Transistor
Hitachi TH-650Zenith Royal 500B (1955/56)Emerson 888 "Explorer" (1957/60)Global GR-711On The Air OTA-70 Microphone RadioStromberg-Carlson 1110H (1947)Philco 42-PT95 (1942)Atwater Kent 356 (1935)Crosley 11-102U "Dynamic Bullseye" (1951)Silvertone 6179A "Bullet" (1939)
Zenith Royal 750 (1957)Bulova 620 (1957)Zenith Royal 500 Long Distance "Owl Eye" (1957)Zenith Royal 20 Micro (1966)Truetone D-724 "Globetrotter" (1937)Majestic 15 "Sherwood"  (1932)Philco H-765 (1959)Philco NT-600-BKGMotorola 56H (1953)Silvertone 4465 "Pyramid" (1937)
Admiral 990-6Y (1937)Detrola 4D1 Mini-Cathedral (1934)
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